Episode 61 – The Uncles of Penny Dreadmill Post-Mortem

Now that the uncles have saved the day (and the Dreadmill family has finally been reunited, join the cast of the Uncles of Penny Dreadmill as they discuss their characters, the cognivores, and the way things went down. 

Music: Eclipse Darkness by Filmy Ghost

Episode 60 – Campaigns, How to End Them, And the Bumps Along the Way

Campaigns, How to End Them, And the Bumps Along the Way

We recorded this episode over a year ago as our Uncles of Penny DreadMill game was winding down.  In the episode, we discuss getting your campaign off the ground, how to finish it, and the act of holding it together along the way.

Music: Abstract Technology by Scott Holmes Music 

Episode 59 – The Uncles of Penny Dreadmill – Character Concepts and Beyond

In this episode we discuss our MOTW campaign The Uncles of Penny Dreadmill from character concepts to potential futures for the game and beyond.

Music – Silence by Audiorezout

Episode 58 – Scrape Post Mortem

The audio is a little rough on this one.  Our recording bot’s recording didn’t quite work so I had to rely on a backup one-track OBS recording.  Honestly I thought I had lost this recording too.  

Enjoy and Happy New Years

The job is over and the damage done, but we had to get the gang together for one last look at Scrape, a Red Markets campaign.

Episode 57 – Opportunities For Player Buy-In

While is important for a game master to have clear objectives when plotting out a campaign, it is also equally important to allow players the opportunity to fill in the gaps with content based on their decisions.  In what could be called an ‘organic’ episode (we started talking till a topic developed) Adam, Crazon, David and Rob discuss how to establish player buy-in.

Note:  Contrary to what the background noise might suggest, we did not record this episode in a Chuck E. Cheese.

Music: Ketsa – Love Heart

Episode 54 – Adding Nostalgia Into Your Games

Ahh our old logo….

It looks like we finally made it to 2021. While we are certainly hoping for a brighter future, we can’t help but be a tad bit nostalgic about distant past of our childhoods. In this episode, Adam, Chris, Crazon, David, and Ian discuss how to bring nostalgia into your games.

Talking Points: Nostalgia, Monsters and Other Childish Things, Little Fears, Kids on Bikes

Music: Unconscious by selfpity 

Episode 52 – Our Special Dungeons & Dragons Episode

After four years of running an actual play podcast, we finally got around to playing Dungeons and Dragons.  Since October has unofficially turned into D&D month for RPX, cast members Aaron, Ethan, and Nick regale us with their experiences both playing and running Dungeons & Dragons.

Music: Distant Stars – 01 Total Eclipse by Nathaniel Wyvern 

Episode 51 – Ectozoic Park Post-Mortem

The game is over, and all the ghost dinosaurs have been put to rest (for the time being), but that doesn’t mean the party has to stop there.  Join Adam, Terra and Review Cultist as we reflect on our experiences playing children in One Less Die’s actual player Little Fears mini campaign, Ectozoic Park.

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Music – Children Of The Son by P C III

Episode 48 – Thinking Too Hard About Anime

Our friends Noah Carden (RPX & Maple Syrup, Blood Money) and Aaron J. Shelton (Kame House Part & Technical Difficulties Gaming Podcast) just started a new podcast about anime titled “Thinking Too Hard About Anime”.  Currently this dynamic duo is reviewing and discussing every episode of Cowboy Bebop.  Today Noah and Aaron join us to talk about their new podcast and how to gamify Cowboy Bebop.

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