Actual Play – Alien – Hope’s Last Day

Established in 2157 by Weyland-Yutani, LV-426 has battled against severe storms, gloomy skies, and violent geology for over two decades. Now 158 colonists face their greatest challenge yet.  The trouble all began after Russ Jorden returned from a mission with a strange lifeform attached to his face.

Ian – GM
Adam – Morgan Hirsch,  Ex-Marine 
Ben – Sonny Sigg, Scientist
David – Holroyd, Roughneck

Actual Play – Delta Green – Emergency Procedures Pt. 2

Delta Green agents delve into the enigmatic demise of a reporter who assumed the guise of a homeless man, only to be found with another man’s heart in his chest. Their pursuit of the truth leads them to BH Plastic Surgery.

Nick – Handler
Adam – Timothy Riddle – US Air Force
Brownie – Jeff Anderson – Bio-Pharma Chemistry Intellectual Property Lawyer
Ian – Kenneth Bushard – FBI

Actual Play – Avatar Legends – The Forbidden Scroll

Two rebels risked everything to save a sacred scroll from the clutches of Fire Lord Ozai. Their plan was foiled. Now locked in a prison cell and facing a lifetime of incarceration, the situation seemed hopeless until a mysterious figure unlocks the cell door.

Ian – GM
Chris – Yinzin, The Successor
Patrick – Xaipan, The Icon

Actual Play – Yokai Hunters Society – Sickly Sweet

Yokai Hunters Society.

The year is 1889. The Meiji Period is in full swing in Japan, but with this rise in technology and culture, so too is there a rise in the unnatural. Yokai terrorize the country’s citizens and only a secret society of hunters can stem the tide.

In the mountain village of Matsuo, a number of miners and townsfolk have fallen victim to a strange illness. Sensing this to be the work of the supernatural, an old contact has sent word asking for help in discovering the cause and putting a stop to it. Thus, four agents find themselves on the road to village, unsure of what they might find.

Ian – GM
Adam – Ken Yamaguchi
David – Daisuke Ito
Sam – Gin Nakamura
Terra – Keiko Sasaki

Actual Play – Delta Green – Lover In The Ice – Episode 2

Note: This is our second play through of this scenario. This scenario contains some very adult content. Listener discretion is advised.

As flames and smoke fill the night sky over Lafontaine Missouri, a distant cry alerts our agents that their dark work is not yet complete. Join us for our conclusion of our (second) playthrough of the Delta Green scenario Lover in The Ice.

Ian – Handler
Adam – Robert Cummins
Dianna – McKenzie Daniels
David – Jarvis Wilson
Nick – Landon Peck

Actual Play – Delta Green – Lover In The Ice – Episode 1

Note: This is our second play through of this scenario. This scenario contains some very adult content. Listener discretion is advised.

In the wake of an apocalyptic ice storm in Lafontaine Missouri, a silent alarm to a Delta Green storage site (Green Box) has been tripped. Agents are quickly assembled and tasked with inventorying the site and determining if anything has been stolen.

Ian – Handler
Adam – Robert Cummings
Dianna – McKenzie Daniels
David – Jarvis Wilson
Nick – Landon Peck

Actual Play – Lancer – The Adamic Symphony

In the distant future, three mech pilots find themselves entangled in political intrigue. The Adamic Symphony, a border system to the hegemonic Union, is embroiled in civil war over the prospect of becoming a Union client-state. The Union’s ambassador attaches three members of her security detail to a Symphonic squadron to build relationships – but is there more going on under the surface?

Patrick – GM

Ben – Apex 

Ian – Medusa

Will – Jericho

Repost – Actual Play – Magical Fury / Delta Green – Twilight Tales EP 2

Note: Reposting this episode due to the original being cut short due to technical difficulties.  Consider this the Snyder Cut.  If you have listened to the previous version please feel free to skip ahead to the 3hr and 27 minute mark to continue where the recording cut out.

This was a super fun game to play.  I think the best description of the session was from Crazon, who said it like Sailor Moon meets Doom.  Also in this follow-up scenario, we are using Delta Green rules to portray a shadowy organization covering up the existence of magical girls.

Following the tragedy at the Sakura Festival, Project Twilight is activated to keep the public ignorant. As four agents attempt to cover-up the events that happened at the theater, they discover that although one battle may have ended, another one is just beginning.

Ian – GM

Aaron S – Jeral M – Analyst 

Adam – Fred W. – Federal Agent

Chris – Michael S – City Worker

Darth – Cmd. Kenji Y. – Soldier

Actual Play – Magical Fury – Magical Twilight Tales EP 1

Forces from the Kingdom of Gehenna have infiltrated the city of San Franoyoko.  As the annual Cherry Blossom festival draws near, it is up to the magical girl group The Champions of The Emotional Prism to uncover their nefarious plans and save the city.

Ian – GM

Aaron S. – Samantha/Twilight Legend Morrigan 

Adam – Sarah/ Lovely Princess Googly 

Crazon – Renae/ Luminous Power Maiden Kijo  

Actual Play – Call of Cthulhu – Reign of Terror – Episode 6

Following the advice of the Ghoul That Was Guillaume, the investigators sacrificed one of their own for a chance to strike down Citizen Rigault.  At the moment of the condemned investigator’s death at the guillotine, the madman will be vulnerable.   As the crowds gather about to witness the executions, the remaining investigators stage one final desperate act to save Paris.

Ian – Keeper

Adam – Michel Beaumains – Soldier

Ethan – Thierry Renault – Sergeant

Joe – Etienne Babin – Soldier

Vince – Joseph Hugel – Provisioner