Actual Play – Call of Cthulhu – Reign of Terror – EP4

Paris, 1794.

It has been five years since the raid on Comte Fenalik’s manor, and a lot has changed in France.  The investigators find themselves once again working in the Paris catacombs where they will meet an even greater threat and an otherworldly ally.

Ian – Keeper

Adam – Michel Beaumains – Soldier

Ethan – Thierry Renault – Sergeant

Joe – Christophe Pressi – Soldier

Vince – Joseph Hugel – Provisioner

Episode 55 – Orcs Aren’t Evil

In the summer of 2020, Dungeons and Dragons announced that along with removing past racially insensitive material from its books and adding more diverse writers and game designers, that they were also removing the well-used trope of “evil races” from their game.  Since it has been nearly a calendar year since that announcement, we here at the Roleplaying Exchange decide to weigh in on this topic.  If you have listened to us for any amount of time, you can probably guess where we are going to land on the matter.

Joining in on this conversation is Adam, Chris, Laura May, Rob, and special guests/honorary RPXers David from Role Playing Public Radio and Crazon from Al Dente Rigamortis and One Less Die.

Music:– Fire Style and Dream Sound Effect by David Fesliyan 

Actual Play – Call of Cthulhu – Reign of Terror – EP 2

It is believed that the enigmatic Comte Fenalik presents a danger to the crown. With no other options available, Captain Malon tasks the soldiers with infiltrating the nobleman’s estate in neighboring Poissy and finding hard evidence to link Comte Fenalik to the grisly murders of the printers.

Ian – Keeper
Adam – Michel Beaumains – Soldier
Ethan – Thierry Renault – Sergeant
Joe – Christophe Pressi – Soldier
Vince – Joseph Hugel – Provisioner

Actual Play – Little Fears – Ectozoic Park EP 3 – The Three Ankylos Pt 2

Fall 1998/Drumheller, Alberta. The kids struggle to find and stop the golem-like ankylosaurs causing trouble around their neighborhoods.With friends new and old, can they keep their loved ones safe? What will they do if things escalate? Find out!

Chris – GM

Travis – Jolencia Miller (9)

Adam – Timmy Jones (8)

(This is cross-podcast series between One Less Die and The Roleplaying Exchange! Please enjoy this Rad Saturday Morning Spooktacular!)

Episode 44 – An Homage

An impulse buy on DriveThruRPG has inspired us to discuss intellectual properties we would like to homage in a rpg game. 

Topics discussed: Kolchak- The Night Stalker, The Black Company, Legion, Old Gods of Appalachia, Twin Peaks, The Highway of Blood

Shout Outs: My Best Friend’s Exorcism, It Burns,  Dororo 

Dream sound effect courtesy of Fesliyan Studios.

Music: Shifty by Bruce Lee.

Actual Play – Star Trek : Mercury – Episode 4

As the Mercury comes under fire, an away team attempts to board the Shoshastakovivh and take the fight to the parasites. Meanwhile, aboard the Mercury Dr. Maro scrambles to develop a means to safely remove the parasites from the hosts.

Birk- Lenara Maro – Trill medical officer

Sean –Thashiv ch’Tharat – Andorian chief of security

Aaron Carsten – Ensign Platt – Denobulan engineer.

Actual Play- Star Trek: Mercury – Episode 2

After completing their first mission together, Captain Shelly tasks the crew of the U.S.S. Mercury with participating with the Klingons in a mock invasion of the ship.   Provided with only a skeleton crew, the Mercury’s defenders must repel the invaders while monitoring the newly upgraded automated internal defense systems.  When things go awry, a simple war game may lead to a larger confrontation between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

Birk-  Lenara Maro – Trill medical officer

Sean –Thashiv ch’Tharat – Andorian chief of security

Aaron Carsten – Ensign Platt – Denobulan engineer.

Episode 40 – Post Gen Con 2019

We survived Gen Con!  Listen to our harrowing tales of “the best four days in gaming”.

WARNING:  In this episode we talk about rampant capitalism, playing games, and adult beverages.

Games Discussed:

Night’s Black Agents Solo Ops
Red Markets
Le      Corbusier
Veblen      Goods
Band of Blades
Eclipse Phase 2nd Ed 
Hive Mind
Dead Planet
Pound of Flesh
Masks of Nyarlathotep Dark Adventure Radio Theatre
Tachyon Squadron
Star Crossed
For the Queen
King in Yellow (Annotated)
The Sword, The Crown and the Unspeakable Power 
The Watch 

Infiltrators by Nathaniel Wyvern 

Episode 39 – Prepping for Gen Con & Player Decisions

If it’s your first time going to Gen Con, this is your survival guide. If it isn’t, still listen along and nod knowingly when we say something to which you agree with. In this episode the RPX crew will offer advice to surviving ‘best four days in gaming’.
Also, in this episode we will also explore how to handle unexpected actions from players.

Special shout out to Crazon / Review Cultist of Al Dente Rigamortis for our new logo. Be sure to check out his Deviant Art page  as well as pasta podcast  Al Dente Rigamortis .

Note:  In the show we mention parking through Gate 10.  Welp, they’re sold out.  Sorry.  
Music: Ketsa – Up Down

Actual Play – Blades In The Dark – The Seven Mutes

Recluse Oliver Scurlock made his fortune harvesting leviathan blood. However, Oliver’s success has garnered him envy among his family who seek to take control of his wealth. Approached by Amina Scurlock, the Seven Mutes are tasked with helping Amina succeed her dear uncle as head of the Scurlock Company. For this succession to work, Oliver Scurlock must die.

Aaron – Keel – The Hound

Adam – Wing – The Lurk

Daniel – Silk – The Spider

Nathan – Nara – The Cutter

Patrick – The city of Duskwall