RPX Rollup – Ep 4 – Eclipse Phase 2nd Ed

Eclipse Phase is a captivating tabletop role-playing game that takes place in a near-future transhumanist setting. Set in the aftermath of a technological singularity, the game presents a world where humanity has transcended the limitations of the physical body through advancements in technology and artificial intelligence.

In Eclipse Phase, players immerse themselves in a post-apocalyptic society where Earth has been ravaged, and humanity’s remnants are scattered across the solar system. The game explores themes of identity, personal transformation, and the ethical implications of advanced technology. It delves into the intricate interplay between humans, artificial intelligence, and various transhuman factions.

In this Episode of RPX Rollup we delve into character creation using the new ruleset.  Whether you’re a seasoned transhumanist or new to the game, this episode will provide insights, tips, and entertaining discussions to enhance your Eclipse Phase gaming experience.

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RPX Rollup – EP 3 – Swords of the Serpentine

Welcome to this episode of RPX Rollup! Today, we’re delving into the world of Swords of the Serpentine, a thrilling swords and sandals role-playing game published by Pelgrane Press and written by Kevin Kulp and Emily Dresner. Set in a mysterious and ancient city called Eversink, players will explore the dangerous streets and canals, unraveling the city’s secrets while facing political intrigue, supernatural forces, and deadly enemies at every turn. 

Swords of the Serpentine uses the Gumshoe system, a unique role-playing system that emphasizes investigation and problem-solving. In this game, players won’t have to worry about missing out on important clues or information, as the system ensures that the necessary clues are always available to the players. With that in mind, we’ll be diving into character creation for Swords of the Serpentine. We’ll be selecting our characters’ professions, assigning ability points, and determining their allegiances. So, without further ado, grab a character sheet and let’s rollup some characters.

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RPX Rollup – Episode 2 – Aquelarre

Welcome to our second episode of RPX Rollup, the show where dive deep into the world of tabletop gaming. Today, we’ll be rolling up characters for Aquelarre, a dark and mysterious rpg game set in medieval Spain.

Aquelarre is a game that blends historical accuracy with elements of the supernatural and the occult. It’s a world where demons and witches roam the land, where the Inquisition is in full swing, and where the line between reality and myth is blurred.

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Links: Aquelarre RPG Book

Aquelarre Character Sheet

RPX RollUp – Episode 1 – Vaesen

In our inaugural episode we will be looking at Free League Publishing’s Vaesen: Nordic Horror Roleplaying game.  Join Adam and Crazon as they explore the world of Vaesen and walkthrough character creation.   So grab a character sheet and let’s Rollup.

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