Actual Play – The Sprawl – S2 City at War – Ep 5

Freelance legend Neo Chromesleeves is facing a meltdown – literally.  The chips that Nanolink implanted him with during his tenure as their agent are starting to fail.  Turns out, these upgrades came with a nasty hidden feature: planned obsolescence for expendable assets.  With his back against the wall and nowhere left to run, the crew is Neo’s only hope.

GM – Joe

Adam – Banshee

Brownie – Watch

Chris – Craig Sirota

David – Elena Lobacheva

Jeremy – Julian Black

2 thoughts on “Actual Play – The Sprawl – S2 City at War – Ep 5”

  1. Awesome episode! Loving this campaign and the characters that populate it. The sound effects/music added was a nice touch and enhanced the episode.

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