Actual Play – Avatar Legends – The Forbidden Scroll

Two rebels risked everything to save a sacred scroll from the clutches of Fire Lord Ozai. Their plan was foiled. Now locked in a prison cell and facing a lifetime of incarceration, the situation seemed hopeless until a mysterious figure unlocks the cell door.

Ian – GM
Chris – Yinzin, The Successor
Patrick – Xaipan, The Icon

Actual Play – Tachyon Squadron – Ep 4

While escorting a cargo ship back to Draconis Station, Tachyon Squadron finds themselves caught in the middle of a deadly ambush. When the smoke clears (as smoke would inside the vacuum of space), it is up to the crew to root out a saboteur.

Joe – GM
Adam – Adrik “Lockout” Ivanov
Birk – Avery “Yardbird” Fisher
Jeremy – Gene “Grandad” Hallock
Nathan – Kwan “Songbird” Kozlov
Patrick – Kazimir “Bairn” Benedict

Actual Play – Tachyon Squadron – Ep 3

Note: Reuploaded audio to include the last 30 minutes of the game session.

The squadron’s investigations into the pirate activity in the system has led them to the Arco station. To root our the source of these thefts the members of Tachyon Squadron will need to rely on old contacts, their wits and subterfuge to get at the heart of the piracy ring.

Joe – GM

Birk – Avery “Yardbird” Fisher

Jeremy – Gene “Grandad” Hallock

Patrick – Kazimir “Bairn” Benedict

Actual Play – Tachyon Squadron – Ep 2

Note: We mentioned this on the Patreon, but forgot to add this notice to the main feed.  This Tachyon Squadron campaign is incomplete.  While we were finishing up the campaign Covid 19 hit and we just never got back to it.  Typically we never post games that fizzle out, but we all enjoyed this one so much that we just had to share what could have been.

With the Dominion of Unity temporarily repelled, members of Tachyon Squadron are sent out on patrol to investigate the disappearance of several Draconis vessels

Joe – GM
Adam – Adrik “Lockout” Ivanov
Nathan – Kwan “Songbird” Kozlov
Patrick – Kazimir “Bairn” Benedict

Actual Play – Tachyon Squadron – EP 1

EDIT: Full disclosure, our Tachyon Squadron campaign is incomplete. It was a casuality of 2020. With that said, please check it out, we had a blast playing Top Gun IN SPACE!

As the war between the Dominion of Unity wages on with Draconis, a group of volunteers are assembled to form Tachyon Squadron.
Joe – GM
Adam – Adrik “Lockout” Ivanov
Birk – Avery “Yardbird” Fisher
Jeremy – Gene “Grandad” Hallock
Nathan – Kwan “Songbird” Kozlov
Patrick – Kazimir “Bairn” Benedict

Actual Play – Orichalcum Chef – Playtest

After defeating the evil forces of King Kroc, the inhabitants of Cusinica finally know peace.  In an effort keep its citizens from becoming too complacent, the Council of the Nations started a contest in search of a new age of champions.  Having seen enough bloodshed, it was determined that this generations champions would be culinary masters.

Welcome to Orichalcum Chef.

Greg – GM

Chris – Hefeweizen – The Chef de Cuisine

Noah – Saison – The Butcher

Patrick – Stout – The Sous Chef

Vince – Prairie – The Presenter

Orichalcum Chef is a game by Technical Difficulties’ Greg.  As of the date of this posting, Orichalcum Chef is currently in the alpha phase of development. For more Orichalcum Chef, be sure to check out our friends over at the Technical Difficulties Gaming Podcast.

Actual Play – Lancer – The Adamic Symphony

In the distant future, three mech pilots find themselves entangled in political intrigue. The Adamic Symphony, a border system to the hegemonic Union, is embroiled in civil war over the prospect of becoming a Union client-state. The Union’s ambassador attaches three members of her security detail to a Symphonic squadron to build relationships – but is there more going on under the surface?

Patrick – GM

Ben – Apex 

Ian – Medusa

Will – Jericho

Actual Play – Tales From The Loop – Dream Machine Ep 1

Edit: Sorry, the wrong episode copy was attached to this episode. Everything has since been updated.

In a 1987 that never was, strange things are happening in Boulder City, home to the US Loop. Odd dreams plaguing students and adults, strange power outages, and a unique new pen pal all crop up as a group of kids try to survive school long enough to make it to Summer Break. Will they have what it takes in order to solve the mystery without getting grounded? Probably not, but hey, that’s part of the fun!

Adam – Aiden – Computer wiz

Chris –   Oscar – Rebel, Aiden’s first cousin

Patrick – Olaf – Swedish exchange student

Vince – Zelda – Musician and dreamer

David – Frankie – Troublemaker with a heart of gold

Actual Play – The Magnus Archives – Vestibule and Big Sky

Note: The audio quality is a bit rough on this recording. Also, if you enjoyed the scenario you can find it here.

Statements from the Usher Foundation, an offshoot of their British analogue, the Magnus Archives. Statements recorded:  

Case # 113237- Statement of Madeline Tyne, concerning a surgical procedure and an impossible labyrinth. Statement given June 27th, 1997. Statement recorded by Christopher Vandermeer, archival assistant Many thanks to Dr. Jim Naples from Beth Israel deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical Center, for his input and access to some of his articles.  

Case # 930822 Statement of Michael Staine, concerning a road trip and a long road. Statement given January 9. Statement taken by Patrick Ligotti, Archivist .

Special thanks to Dr. Jim Naples for his medical advice on vestibular surgery.

Chris – Christopher Vandermeer & Michael Staine

Patrick – Madeline Tyne & Patrick Ligotti