Actual Play – Yokai Hunters Society – Sickly Sweet

Yokai Hunters Society.

The year is 1889. The Meiji Period is in full swing in Japan, but with this rise in technology and culture, so too is there a rise in the unnatural. Yokai terrorize the country’s citizens and only a secret society of hunters can stem the tide.

In the mountain village of Matsuo, a number of miners and townsfolk have fallen victim to a strange illness. Sensing this to be the work of the supernatural, an old contact has sent word asking for help in discovering the cause and putting a stop to it. Thus, four agents find themselves on the road to village, unsure of what they might find.

Ian – GM
Adam – Ken Yamaguchi
David – Daisuke Ito
Sam – Gin Nakamura
Terra – Keiko Sasaki