Episode 43 – Hachishakusama – Gamifying Creepy Pastas

Note: It is recommended that you listen to the AP for Hachishakusama before listening to this discussion. Spoilers: We spoil the scenario.

Friend of the show Review Cultist of Al Dente Rigamortis drops by to discuss the creepy pasta inspired Fear Itself scenario he recently ran entitled Hachishakusama. Along with sharing some of the inspirations for this game, Review Cultist also offers up some goodies for gamifying creepy pastas.

Hachishakusama can be found on both Al Dente Rigamortis and RPX.

Music: Synthwave by Ryan Anderson

Actual Play- Fear Itself – Hachikaisama

UPDATE: Corrected widget link 1/3/2020

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An Actual Play game based on a discussion on ADR about the Japanese internet urban legend: Hachishakusama (Eight Feet Tall).

A quiet evening at home is suddenly interrupted by a strange phone call from a distant relative warning that “she’s coming for you”.

Adam – Marcus Sato – College student / herse-chasing psychic.

Travis – Ellis Murtaug– Camboy, online gambler, gym rat, catfish, but other than that, a nice dude.