Actual Play – Delta Green – Operation FULMINATE – Pt 2

Note: As seen on OneLessDie, here is the second part to Operation Fulminate.

“Things are not going as planned. Just what is going on with the young Brandon Mcgill? What Eldritch secrets lie buried beneath the Devil’s Chair? Can the Operatives find out and better veil out this situation? Find out!”

Adam – GM

Chris C. – Nathan Strieber

Chris H. – Dave Bowman

Dave – Chris Bowman

Josh – Freddy

Actual Play – Delta Green – Operation FULMINATE – Pt 1

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-RPX Adam

Yosemite National Park, a place where people have mysteriously gone missing for centuries. Now, a missing child has been found, but there’s something strange regarding his discovery. The Program is stalling local officials and family members, allowing a Cell to reach the Park and investigate further, potentially for extraction. This is Operation FULMINATE.

Adam – GM

Crazon – Nathan Strieber
Chris H. – Dave Bowman
Dave – Chris Bowman
Josh – Freddy