Actual Play – Savage Tokusatsu

Several weeks ago we sat down with Kyle Carty of BPB Games to playtest a very early version of the Savage Tokusatsu Test Drive.

The Bug Brigade faces down a new foe in the technology disabling organization, White Noise. Is the new transfer student actually dangerous? It’s up to the team to find out!

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Episode 25 – Interview with Kyle Carty about Savage Tokusatsu

Kyle Carty of BPB Games stops by to discuss his new game Savage Tokusatsu. Savage Tokusatsu is a roleplaying supplement for Savage Worlds that captures the feeling of both high octane, light hearted transforming heroes and grim fatalistic battles against kaiju.

With simple and fun rules for joint robot piloting, designing unique arms and armor, and high energy combat rules, Savage Tokusatsu is a great addition to any Savage Worlds fan’s collection

Check out Savage Tokusatsu on Kickstarter!