Episode 33- Time Travel

Time travel can be tricky. Being a game master where players can travel to virtually any time or place can also be tricky, but rewarding if your players manage to punch a Nazi T-Rex in the face.  In this episode we sit down to discuss and compare TimeWatch and Continuum and the dos and don’ts of time travel.

Areas of Discussion: Current RPX campaigns being ran as well as our upcoming pilot episodes.Topics of discussion: Time travel, TimeWatch, Continuum, Behind Enemy Times (campaign), Aaron’s Masks campaign, why Chris hates time travel, pilot episodes.

Episode music:
Glueworm Evening Blues by Lobo Loco

Actual Play – Red Markets -Where’s The Beef – Patreon Game 1


Special thanks to Brownie, Joe, Micah, and Randy for their support and being awesome gamers.  We had a blast.
In our first ever Patreon backer game, the poor fools willing to give us money return to the RPX Red Markets setting, the Conda. Johnny Mop and the Buckets have been tasked with rustling cattle from the Turner Bison Service. But Montana’s a big state, and times have changed since the Crash. And Chris is running.
Adam – Nihilist – Immune face character who likes dogs (totally not Chris)
Brownie – Scarecrow – Outdoors-man (totally not Adam)
Joe – Mall Cop – Former cop (totally not Paul Blart or Sean)
Micah – Cradic – Immune with tattoos posing as a latent (see tattoos)
Randy – Johnny Mop – Post Apocalypse janitor.
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