Actual Play – The Sprawl – S2 City at War – Ep 2

When we last left off, the team had been assigned to find Sifrah, a hacker who was in debt to a human trafficking ring. Through their investigation, they discovered that the hacker was being held captive in a safe house by the Iron Curtains. Now all they need to do is figure out how to extract their target from a heavily armed street gang.

GM – Joe
Adam – Banshee
Brownie – Watch
Chris – Craig Sirota
David – Elena Lobacheva
Jeremy – Julian Black

Actual Play – The Sprawl -Los Ligeros Ep 4

The crew has gotten too hot, so they’ve decided to throw their lot in with Psigen’s main competitor, Nanolink. The suits have offered safety for one simple job: put a worm into Psigen’s network.

GM – Joe
Adam – Banshee
Chris – Craig Sirota
David – Elena Lobacheva

RPX Rollup – Episode 2 – Aquelarre

Welcome to our second episode of RPX Rollup, the show where dive deep into the world of tabletop gaming. Today, we’ll be rolling up characters for Aquelarre, a dark and mysterious rpg game set in medieval Spain.

Aquelarre is a game that blends historical accuracy with elements of the supernatural and the occult. It’s a world where demons and witches roam the land, where the Inquisition is in full swing, and where the line between reality and myth is blurred.

Music: Monplaisir – Internet, the day when all humans will disappear

Links: Aquelarre RPG Book

Aquelarre Character Sheet

Actual Play – Delta Green – Operation FULMINATE – Pt 1

Note: This podcast episode is being seeded from our friends over one OneLessDie. If you like what you hear, please visit their site and let them know.

-RPX Adam

Yosemite National Park, a place where people have mysteriously gone missing for centuries. Now, a missing child has been found, but there’s something strange regarding his discovery. The Program is stalling local officials and family members, allowing a Cell to reach the Park and investigate further, potentially for extraction. This is Operation FULMINATE.

Adam – GM

Crazon – Nathan Strieber
Chris H. – Dave Bowman
Dave – Chris Bowman
Josh – Freddy