RPX Rollup- Episode 12 – Dresden Accelerated

Tonight on RPX Roll-up, ‘Tis I, Crazon! I’ve convinced (rather easily) Adam, Jeremy, David and One Less Die player and Dresden Files fanboy Josh to roll up characters in Dresden Files Accelerated and generate material for supernatural shenanigans in the quaint Kentucky town of Morehead. immature joke edited out by Adam

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RPX Rollup- Episode 11 – Haunted West

Haunted West is a tabletop roleplaying game that explores the history and myths of the American West with a focus on the diverse and often marginalized people who shaped it. In today’s RollUp episode we explore character creation and Haunted West’s Ouroboros System.

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RPX Rollup – Episode 10 – World Wide Wrestling 2nd Ed

World Wide Wrestling is a tabletop role-playing game that simulates the drama, spectacle, and excitement of professional wrestling. In this episode of RPX Rollup, our friends from One Less Die join us as we use the World Wide Wrestling 2nd Edition to create characters, establish gimmicks, and discuss character relationships.
Step into the ring and join us as we body slam out way through character creation.

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RPX Rollup – Episode 9 – The Sprawl

The Sprawl is a toolkit game built for Cyberpunk stories involving espionage, sabotage, and being the best little misfit you can be in a corporate hellscape! Using PBTA’s simple mechanics, character creation is a breeze and provides players with a variety of tools to create their perfect little renegades.

In this Rollup, we create a city and then a trio of characters who will go on to utterly ruin this city.

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RPX Rollup – EP 8 – Mutants in the Now

Mutants in the Now is a tabletop roleplaying game where you can play as a mutated animal in the modern world. It’s inspired by classic mutant animal cartoons from the 80s and 90s.

In this episode of RPX Rollup, David takes us through character creation using both the core rulebook and the latest supplement, Mutants in the Next. With over 130 animal species and 200 mutations to choose from, there’s no telling what kind of character you’ll create.

So grab a bowl of cereal, curl up on the couch, and get ready to enjoy Mutants in the Now!

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RPX Rollup – Ep 6 – Old Gods of Appalachia

Exciting news! Our backer copies of Old Gods of Appalachia have arrived, and what better way to mark this occasion than by creating brand new characters? Inspired by the podcast that initiated this incredible journey, Old Gods of Appalachia, we invite you to join us as we roll up characters ready to aid The Green in its perpetual battle against the  forces of the Inner Dark. Join us as we delve into the world of forgotten deities and ancient conflicts in this gripping tabletop RPG!

Warning: Sorry for the inconvenience, but this episode is incomplete.  We ran out of time during our initial recording and never got around to finalizing our characters. 

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RPX Rollup – EP 5- Cthulhu Dark Ages

Cthulhu Dark Ages offers an enriched rendition of the classic Call of Cthulhu experience, immersing players in a world reminiscent of medieval Europe, replete with superstition, fear, and limited knowledge—attributes distinctly absent from the 1920s setting of traditional Call of Cthulhu games, which boast modern comforts like firearms, electric torches, and newspapers. Nonetheless, like its predecessor, Cthulhu Dark Ages introduces a universe where ancient cosmic horrors lurk, and sanity teeters on the precipice of oblivion.

Always engaging and occasionally insightful, our hosts Adam, Crazon, and David will navigate the intricacies of character creation from selecting backgrounds, occupations, to skills and attributes. So grab and character sheets and let’s Rollup.

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Blank Cthulhu Dark Ages Sheet.

Rolled Up Character Sheets.

RPX RollUp – Episode 1 – Vaesen

In our inaugural episode we will be looking at Free League Publishing’s Vaesen: Nordic Horror Roleplaying game.  Join Adam and Crazon as they explore the world of Vaesen and walkthrough character creation.   So grab a character sheet and let’s Rollup.

Music: Nordic by Crowander

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