Beyond The Wall of Patreon – Ep 3 – You’ve Changed Bowser

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In our third episode of Beyond The Wall of Patreon we uphold the rigorous academic standards set forth by RPX by discussing Bowserette. Fortunately, or unfortunately (depending on your opinion of the gender-bending King Koopa, we manage find a few other things to talk about.

Areas of discussion:

The less said the better.

My First Nerd Love:
Anime, comics, a War Hammer oh my!

My Tastes Have Changed:
One of us listened to Smash Mouth. Tune it to find out who deserves a good Amish shunning.
Save My Nerd Property:
The original Mass Effect trilogy ended much like a domestic dispute where the police hauled away our significant other while we screamed “I still love him!!! In Mass Effect Andromeda our estranged lover made bail then broke into our house and stole all the copper wiring for meth. Can this once great game be rehabilitated?

Music: Ketsa – Nowhere to Turn

Note:  In this episode Patrick alludes to the following video when discussing the ‘other’ in Lovecraft.
Outsiders: How to Adapt H.P. Lovecraft in the 21st Century

Beyond the Wall of Patreon – Episode 2 – I Was a Teenage Weeaboo

We are still experimenting with the Patreon format.  In this episode we discuss teenage anime experiences, post Gen Con vasectomies, The Martyr (film), and bad Kickstarter ideas.

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Bonus Episode: Beyond the Wall of Patreon – Episode 1 – A Gentleman’s Agreement

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In our inaugural first episode of Beyond the Wall of Patreon we discuss nerd culture.  In particular, we begin with the rise of nerd culture, the discovery of our nerdiness, then the conversation goes way off the rails. Listener discretion is advised.