Actual Play – Alien – Hope’s Last Day

Established in 2157 by Weyland-Yutani, LV-426 has battled against severe storms, gloomy skies, and violent geology for over two decades. Now 158 colonists face their greatest challenge yet.  The trouble all began after Russ Jorden returned from a mission with a strange lifeform attached to his face.

Ian – GM
Adam – Morgan Hirsch,  Ex-Marine 
Ben – Sonny Sigg, Scientist
David – Holroyd, Roughneck

2 thoughts on “Actual Play – Alien – Hope’s Last Day”

  1. This episode was super chaotic, lots of fun to listen to. I agree with a lot of the sentiment in the after game chat about the system.

    1. Maybe one day we can run a Colonel Marine based game of Alien. I’d love to see what the Aliens (movie) experience of the game is like.

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