Episode 63 – Post Gen Con 2023 Wrap-Up

The time has come when all tabletop gamers make their yearly pilgrimage to Indianapolis to attend Gen Con.  In this episode Adam, David, Jeremy, Joe, and Kristi discuss the Gen Con 2023 experiences.
Everyday Heroes: Modern-day D20 action game

Pasion De las Pasiones: PBTA telenovela

Swords of the Serpentine: Gumshoe swords and sandals

Brindlewood Bay: One-part Golden Girls, one-part Murder She Wrote PBTA

We Deal In Lead: Weird west adventure game

Orbital Blues: Lo-fi space western game

Into the Odd: surreal dystopian exploration rpg.

Gran Meccanismo: Clockpunk in Da Vinci’s Florence

Good Strong Hands: Play fantasy creatures in a world of beauty and loss

Gay Poems For Red States: The title says quite a lot. This is a collection of poems, just over a hundred pages of poetry. Some short, some long, all heartfelt. This collection was written by a friend of the podcast and the book is important to us for a variety of reasons.

Track: “Tinkering”
Music provided by https://Slip.stream

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