Actual Play – Delta Green – Involuntary Time Off

A few days ago, in the Catskills police stopped to check on a motorist pulled over on the side of the road. The driver identified himself as Charles Brandt and handed over a driver’s that had expired in the late 1950s. After being taken to the police station, Mr. Brandt made a few phone calls to government agencies, asking for people who had long since left the program. The program has since intervened and taken Mr. Brandt into custody. Records do show that there was once a Charles Brandt associated with the program, but he has been missing since 1958. This revelation raises numerous questions, and a team is assembled to uncover the truth behind Mr. Brandt’s story and the mysterious circumstances surrounding his reappearance after decades of absence.

Nick – Handler
Adam – Roger Nelson – Ex Army
Brownie – Gerald Tudhope – Doctor
Chris – Kenneth Burchard – FBI Profiler

One thought on “Actual Play – Delta Green – Involuntary Time Off”

  1. Awesome game! Loved the reasoning behind the the mythos for this and about halfway through I knew why Nick asked those things in the beginning.

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