Actual Play – Dungeons & Dragons – Night Whispers – Ep 2

As the adventuring party investigates the mysterious disappearance of children from a nearby village, they encounter strange and dangerous creatures that seem to hold the key to the mystery. Unfortunately, as the group faces off against these otherworldly beings, Aubrey, the warlock, falls victim to their charms and disappears into the depths of the water.
Will they succeed in their quest, or will they be swallowed up by the dark and treacherous waters? Tune in to find out in the final episode of Night Whispers.

DM – Rina

Aaron – Aubrey Havenwhirl – Human Warlock

Brownie – Thekar Forgesun – Dwarf Cleric

Chris – Bindle Bloodfoot – Gnome Fighter

Nick – Bloop – Grung Ranger

Special thanks to our guest DM Rena.  You can find more about them over on The Oldways Podcast.  To find more scenarios created by Rina over on DriveThruRpg.

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