Actual Play – Dungeons & Dragons – Night Whispers – EP 1

A group of adventurers set out on a mission to help the desperate villagers of a remote town. When the party arrives in the village, they discover the panicked townsfolk pleading for their help. They quickly learn that a mysterious creature has been snatching children in the dead of night, leaving no trace behind.
While the villagers are at a loss, they hesitate to accuse a local vampire coven, with whom they have a treaty with. The coven has attempted to locate the children but to no avail, and swear they have nothing to do with the disappearances.

Our adventurers must investigate the situation and uncover the truth behind the kidnappings. Will they be able to save the children and put a stop to the creature’s rampage?

DM – Rina

Aaron – Aubrey Havenwhirl – Human Warlock

Brownie – Thekar Forgesun – Dwarf Cleric

Chris – Bindle Bloodfoot – Gnome Fighter

Nick – Bloop – Grung Ranger

Special thanks to our guest DM Rena.  You can find more about them over on The Oldways Podcast.  To find more scenarios created by Rina over on DriveThruRpg.

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