Actual Play – Coriolis – Dark Flowers – Ep 1

While passing through the Dabaran system, the crew of the Narzalus are contracted by the Foundation and tasked with locating a lost research ship, the Shamza and her crew. Traveling to the last known coordinates of the lost ship, the Narzalus comes across the remains of an old forgotten research station. While it shouldn’t be possible, the exterior of the research station appears to be covered with thick vines. Amongst those vines, the Shamza can be seen at one of the docking stations, vines already starting to overtake the ship. With no other options, the crew of the Narzalus suit up and prepare to ‘weed out’ this mystery.

Adam – GM
Chris – Samioh Amin (Artist)
Joe – Rouya Ghallab (Soldier)
Korie – Nima Dol-Soufi (Pilot)
Will – Dr. Armita Wana (Scientist)

Music – Casa Bossa Nova – Kevin Macleod

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