Actual Play – King Arthur Pendragon – The Tower of Testing – Ep 3

Knights, witches, and the Tower of Testing – oh my! Will the knights prevail? Will they rescue the princess, or is she in another castle? Find out these answers and more in our final episode of The Testing Of Tower.

GM – Joe
Aaron – Sir Barris of Salisbury
Adam – Sir Owain of Durnford
David – Sir Barrus of Salisbury

2 thoughts on “Actual Play – King Arthur Pendragon – The Tower of Testing – Ep 3”

  1. Great session, never heard of this system but the APs were a fun listen. I can definitely see how deadly this game can be and the safety net for making new characters. Although I would worry for long campaigns, it ending up with a more revolving door cast with the luckier players becoming more of a main character.

    1. RPX doesn’t have a great tract record for longer form stuff. While the massive King Arthur campaign sounds amazing, I can see it falling prey to the scheduling monster.

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