Actual Play – Delta Green – Lover In The Ice – Episode 2

Note: This is our second play through of this scenario. This scenario contains some very adult content. Listener discretion is advised.

As flames and smoke fill the night sky over Lafontaine Missouri, a distant cry alerts our agents that their dark work is not yet complete. Join us for our conclusion of our (second) playthrough of the Delta Green scenario Lover in The Ice.

Ian – Handler
Adam – Robert Cummins
Dianna – McKenzie Daniels
David – Jarvis Wilson
Nick – Landon Peck

One thought on “Actual Play – Delta Green – Lover In The Ice – Episode 2”

  1. Very fun scenario to listen to! Great job everyone. I feel like the reason the school went bad was because you strayed from the tried and true method of burning down the building.

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