Actual Play – Tachyon Squadron – Ep 5

In the wake of a merchant ship’s destruction from an apparent saboteur, the members of Tachyon Squadron hit the streets (space streets) to uncover the culprit. However, their checkered past and less than stellar history draws the suspicion of investigating authorities.

Joe – GM
Adam – Adrik “Lockout” Ivanov
Birk – Avery “Yardbird” Fisher
Jeremy – Gene “Grandad” Hallock
Nathan – Kwan “Songbird” Kozlov

2 thoughts on “Actual Play – Tachyon Squadron – Ep 5”

  1. I completely missed you guys posting all of Tachyon Squadron and now that I’m caught up. Just want to say they were all really fun listens. Is this the last episode of it?

    1. Unfortunately it was the last. I honestly debated on never posting these because it was an incomplete campaign, but they were too much fun not to share.

      Basically the pandemic killed the campaign. With everything going on, we all kind of just drifted away from the game and before we realized it a year had passed. Hopefully we can return to Tacheyon Squadron. There are so assits on Roll20 that look like they’d make gameplay easier.

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