Actual Play – MOTW – The Uncles of Penny Dreadmill – Ep 19

*Note* Sorry, for some reason episode 19 never did post and scheduled. Thanks to Croaker and Dranyam for pointing that out to me.

 Penny’s Mom was taken by the spider that was hiding in her new teddy bear.  Before it left with Joyce, it mentioned something about the Joke Master and that it was taking her to somewhere or someone called Harlequintessa at the “Spider Moon”.  With the abduction of Joyce and the reappearance of the Joke Master, the Uncles are in a race against time to save Penny’s mother and settle an old score.

Crazon – GM

Adam – Frank “Doodle” Buttress (The Wronged)

Chris – Branson Martin (The Flake)

David – Tariel (The Divine)

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