Actual Play – MOTW – The Uncles of Penny Dreadmill – Ep 20

Following several rituals to navigate this web of mystery, the Uncles diverge yet again in an attempt to find Penny’s mother and the Joke Master.

Crazon – GM

Adam – Frank “Doodle” Buttress (The Wronged)

Chris – Branson Martin (The Flake)

David – Tariel (The Divine)

Rob – Allister Creedence ( The Crooked)

6 thoughts on “Actual Play – MOTW – The Uncles of Penny Dreadmill – Ep 20”

    1. Dang! Sorry about that. I wish I had checked the website earlier. I’ve went ahead and re-added episode 19 to the site. I’m not sure why this happened. We just upgraded the website to a different service package. I think this scheduled post may have been a casualty.

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