Actual Play – MOTW – The Uncles of Penny Dreadmill – Ep 17

The Uncles all come back to awareness when a question is asked; “Did you want more coffee?”. The voice comes from behind a porcelain mask, worn by what looks like a diner waitress. You all are in a Diner… of sorts? As they all begin to try and recollect what happened, the first thing that comes to mind is how this all began… or rather Who this all began with.

Crazon – GM
Adam – Frank “Doodles” Buttress (The Wronged)
Chris – Branson Martin (The Flake)
David – Tariel (The Divine)
Rob – Allister Creedence ( The Crooked)

2 thoughts on “Actual Play – MOTW – The Uncles of Penny Dreadmill – Ep 17”

  1. Honestly surprised it took this long for Branson’s constantly revealing supernatural creatures to the public to have consequences for the party.

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