Actual Play – MOTW – The Uncles of Penny Dreadmill – EP 9

*Note: This should have posted before episodes 7 & 8, but labeling stuff correctly is hard.  Fortunately, nothing is really affected by this error.  Enjoy!*

“The Great Canadian Star Bear” 

A call from Penny’s mom brings the Uncles running in the dead of night. In her room, Penny has been sitting up straight with her eyes rolled back and spouting several verses over repeatedly: “When the sky cries stars, over the prairies of Ry’leh. They will descend and they are cunning. People’s dreams and emotions are their honey. They are very hungry bears…”

Crazon – GM

Adam – Frank “Doodle” Buttress (The Wronged)

Chris – Branson Martin (The Flake)

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