Actual Play -MOTW – The Uncles of Penny Dreadmill – Ep 7

A Church with A View Pt 1

A death by stabbing occurred in St. George’s yesterday.  Following up on a potential lead on their lost brother Jack, the uncles travel to the small town of Melville to investigate the supernatural elements surrounding the murder.

Adam – GM

Chris – Branson Martin (The Flake)

Crazon – John-Jacob Buttress “Jingleheimer” (The Initiate)

David – Tariel the Angel (The Divine)

3 thoughts on “Actual Play -MOTW – The Uncles of Penny Dreadmill – Ep 7”

  1. The Uncles campaign is always great and this one was no exception. Everyone bounces off each other really well.

    One podcast question, does RPX have a discord for fans to join?

    1. Thanks for all your kind comments, we really appreciate it. Unfortunately we don’t have a public Discord server. We’re a cagey lot. Sorry about that.

      1. Totally understandable. Was just checking to see if I had missed you posting about it if you did.

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