Actual Play – Pulp Cthulhu – Two Headed Serpent – EP 11

After having discovered a serpent folk structure in the cliffside of a mountain, our brave investigators make a second discovery immediately upon exiting the structure, a very large and angry beast.  If they survive this encounter, then all they need to worry about is the ticking timebomb, the encroachment of the Dreamlands into reality, and a viral outbreak.

Geoff – Keeper

Adam – Eustace Hardin – Former Pentecostal missionary still doing the good Lord’s work.

Cam – Rudolph  Paul Brady – Parapsychologist with the gift of clairvoyance.

D –  Roderick Heath – Hard-boiled detective with prior experience with the explainable.

Laura –Irene “Hunter” Alexandria Hallott – Cultural anthropology professor at NYU on sabbatical ..with her guns. 

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