Actual Play – Pulp Cthulhu – Two Head Serpent EP 8

When we last left our investigators, their flight to North Borneo had just encountered turbulence.  And by turbulence we are of course referring to strange, winged beasts that have apparently already made off with the pilot.  In this continuation, our investigators must first repel the flying beasts onslaught, then land the plane.  Since no one has points in piloting, this is bound to go well.

Geoff – Keeper

Adam – Eustace Hardin – Former Pentecostal missionary still doing the good Lord’s work.

Cam – Rudolph  Paul Brady – Parapsychologist with the gift of clairvoyance.

D –  Roderick Heath – Hard-boiled detective with prior experience with the explainable.

Laura –Irene “Hunter” Alexandria Hallott – Cultural anthropology professor at NYU on sabbatical ..with her guns. 

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