Actual Play- Pulp Cthulhu – The Two Headed Serpent -Season EP 7

Note: Wow it really did take a while to get back to this campaign.  This is the first episode of our continuation of the Two Headed Serpent.  You can find all the previous episodes here.

Upon returning to Caduceus headquarters from Bolivia (see season 1 of The Two Headed Serpent), the investigators are quickly whisked away to North Borneo to investigate a strange outbreak.  As their flight nears its end, they encounter what might be their final descent.

Geoff – Keeper

Adam – Eustace Hardin – Former Pentecostal missionary still doing the good Lord’s work.

Cam – Rudolph  Paul Brady – Parapsychologist with the gift of clairvoyance.

D –  Roderick Heath – Hard-boiled detective with prior experience with the explainable.

Laura –Irene “Hunter” Alexandria Hallott – Cultural anthropology professor at NYU on sabbatical ..with her guns. 

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