Actual Play – Red Markets – Scrape – EP 4

Wave of Mutilation.

Upon getting a StopLoss server of suspected immunes in the Conda region, Full House has decided it’s time to figure out where Scrape is and raise a posse. Will Bird’s newly outed status as a spy prove to be useful, or will it be what finally drives a wedge between him and Greybeard?

Chris – The Market

Jesse – Bird –  Bird loves that his adopted dad got him into Yale, and he’s ready to reconnect with his bio dad. The DHQS, though…

Brownie – Grey Beard – Father and son bonding is great, especially when it comes to app games!

Nick – Legs – The Latent Cyborg. Poor guy wants to help everyone, but he’s become a Taker due to “spooking the livestock”

Adam – Boots – He was boots on the ground for the crash, but not for his kid. Now they’re catching up on lost time

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