Actual Play – Red Markets – Scrape – EP 1

I believe in Mr. Grieves.

An unlikely… family… of Takers comes together to find out where an unaffiliated Taker has gone. There’s more to the story, though, and not just with the client.

Chris – The Market

Jesse Bird – Bird – loves that his adopted dad got him into Yale, and he’s ready to reconnect with his bio dad. The DHQS, though…

Brownie – Grey Beard – father and son bonding is great, especially when it comes to app games!

Nick Legs – The Latent Cyborg. Poor guy wants to help everyone, but he’s become a Taker due to “spooking the livestock”

Adam – Boots – He was boots on the ground for the crash, but not for his kid. Now they’re catching up on lost time.

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