Actual Play – Orichalcum Chef – Playtest

After defeating the evil forces of King Kroc, the inhabitants of Cusinica finally know peace.  In an effort keep its citizens from becoming too complacent, the Council of the Nations started a contest in search of a new age of champions.  Having seen enough bloodshed, it was determined that this generations champions would be culinary masters.

Welcome to Orichalcum Chef.

Greg – GM

Chris – Hefeweizen – The Chef de Cuisine

Noah – Saison – The Butcher

Patrick – Stout – The Sous Chef

Vince – Prairie – The Presenter

Orichalcum Chef is a game by Technical Difficulties’ Greg.  As of the date of this posting, Orichalcum Chef is currently in the alpha phase of development. For more Orichalcum Chef, be sure to check out our friends over at the Technical Difficulties Gaming Podcast.

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