Actual Play – Blue Planet: Recontact – A Day at the Beach

The crew of Red Sky Charters have recently been hired by Biogene executive Everett Whitegate III to lead him and his team on a weeklong survival/team building retreat in the outback of Poseidon. A thousand klicks away from civilization, everything appeared to be going fine, that is until the sabotage began.

Adam – Drew Latamir – Ex-Geo Pilot turned Poseidon pilot.

Brownie – Digger Jones – Mechanic, local guide

Chris – Maggie Merriweather – Geo Warden, Sylva hybrid

Joe – Phillip Sanchez – Local Guide, Insurgent Sympathizer

Blue Planet: Recontact’s Kickstarter campaign is currently underway.   We had a blast playing this and you will too.

The Blue Planet: Recontact free quickstart guide is available on DriveThru.

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