Actual Play – Call of Cthulhu – Reign of Terror – EP 1

June 2nd, 1789. As the stirrings of revolution take hold in Paris, a group of soldiers overseeing transportation of human remains from cemeteries are called away from their duty to investigate a murder.

Ian – Keeper

Adam – Michel Beaumains – Soldier

Ethan – Thierry Renault – Sergeant

Joe – Christophe Pressi – Soldier

Vince – Joseph Hugel – Provisioner

One thought on “Actual Play – Call of Cthulhu – Reign of Terror – EP 1”

  1. Fun to listen to, we played it last year, with some tweaks.
    The Heir of France is titled “le Dauphin de France”, and it indeed means Dolphin.

    It comes from the province of the “Dauphiné of Viennois , in south of France, is named as such because the count of Albon who ruled it has Dolphins on his Coat of Arms.

    Later a prince of the French throne in debt got to the province of Dauphiné, but never got the land, just the honorific title, that sticked. So all the new heir princes own that title, as they do not yet have land on their own, but still can be claiming the status, and the cool dolphin flag…

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