Actual Play – Pulp Cthulhu – The Two-Headed Serpent – EP 3

Following the Caduceus Organization’s orders, the party begins searching Mayan ruins the body of an ancient mummy.  Unfortunately for them it appears that members of the Bolivian army have also joined in the search.  Acquiring the services of a guide, the adventurers travel to a site where heavy artillery has uncovered something that was better left undisturbed.

Adam – Eustace Hardin – Former Pentecostal missionary still doing the good lord’s work. 

Cam – Rudolph  Paul Brady – Parapsychologist with the gift of clairvoyance.

D –  Roderick Heath – Hard-boiled detective with prior experience with the explainable.

Laura – Irene Hopp – Cultural anthropology professor at NYU on sabbatical ..with her guns. 

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