Actual Play – Velvet Glove – EP 3 Blondie

“You Can’t Spell Blondie Without Die.”

It’s the day of the big dance and the Lethal Lolitas have a mystery to solve.  Can the gang solve it in time for the dance?  Will they have what it takes to take on the Vermin on in a street fight?  Stay tuned for this exciting conclusion of Velvet Glove.

Ian – GM

David – Tobi Cole  – Maniac. Tough as nails enforcer with a heart of gold and a body count.

Shaun – Kimmy Ku – Newbie.   . Sweet protogoth girl on the outside- horrible monster on the inside.

Adam – Jordan Riggs – Stoner. Tomboy with a soft side that could give you a contact buzz. 

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