Actual Play – Velvet Glove – EP 1 Disco Blitz

In a time of sex, drugs, and rock and roll  the Lethal Lolitas, a tough girl gang from the streets of St. Louis, must defend their turf from two rival gangs while dealing with an even bigger gang looming over their heads. Can they pull off a plan to survive the rumble? Either way, the streets will never be the same.

Ian – GM

David – Tobi Cole  – Maniac. Tough as nails enforcer with a heart of gold and a body count.

Ethan C. – Hannah Martin – Valkyrie. An organized and resourceful good girl that just might be packing a switchblade.

Adam – Jordan Riggs – Stoner. Tomboy with a soft side that could give you a contact buzz.  

Need to tunes to get that 70s feel?  Check out our Velvet Glove Spotify playlist.  

Special thanks to David of Role Playing Public Radio and Ethan of Technical Difficulties for joining us. 

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