Actual Play – RM 10K – EP 44 – Trouble Trackers PT 2

Tora and Mash are in over their heads. Out of battery, exhausted, and having inexplicably beaten the shit out of each other, they’ve realized they need backup at the job site. Here’s hoping another member of Freelance got their SOS.

Ian – Tora –   A samurai wannabe who may be more than she appears. 

Travis – Mash – A young Immune boxer struggling to find his place in the world and his place in between cults. (He/Him)

Ray – Colt. Combat medic who can gun two ways. (They/Them)

One thought on “Actual Play – RM 10K – EP 44 – Trouble Trackers PT 2”

  1. Ah yes. Where Mash continues to be perfectly normal. No deep seated anger issues or blood lust. Just a normal health young adult.

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