Actual Play – Red Markets 10K – Episode 38 – Lumber Liquidators


Another day in the upper ten thousand lakes, another potential dollar for the enterprising crew of Freelance, a taker group that has made a name for itself in many ways, most of them bad.  A few new takers enter the fold and a few old ones come about to help the expanding business of Meadow Lands, the residents of which are looking to get into the business of more than simple farming.

  • Ray – Colt. Combat medic who can gun two ways. (They/Them)
  • Chris – Allensworth. A combat medic who has gunned two ways.
  • Ian – Tora. A samurai wannabe who may be more than she appears. (She/Her)
  • Nick – Pulse.  An undercover operative for StopLoss out to help them hunt immunes.
  • Sean F. – Stitches. A Black Math paramedic looking to spread his own gospel.

This episode of the 10K Lakes Campaign can be found here at The Drunk and the Ugly Podcast.

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