Actual Play – Red Markerts 10K – Episode 33 – Inherit


The Meek shall inherit the Earth? Not on Freelance’s watch. As a means to prove their loyalty to the 10K region, Freelance accepts a job that begin the effort to eliminate the Meek presence in the region.

Aaron – Munchkin – Child soldier archetype.  Don’t get too attached.

Chris – Iditarod –  A dog trainer burned by the last movie they worked on and trying to buy their way back into the industry.

Ethan C. –   Taxey –  A street tough hustler rapper with a new dependent.

Ethan  F. – Hard Luck – A gambler who never knew when to hold or fold’em scrapping by in the Loss.

Nick – Pulse – Reluctant steward ISO NSA immunes in the Loss.

Catch all of the epic Red Markets 10K campaign here.

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