Actual Play – Red Markets 10K – Episode 30 – WEED4CATS

It’s the season finale! Iditarod has come up with a Score as Freelance seeks to get cats… to trade weed… for cats.

Chris – Iditarod – A dog trainer burned by the last movie they worked on and trying to buy their way back into the industry.

Ethan – Taxey – A street tough hustler rapper with a new baby and a new purpose.

Ian – Tora – A samurai wannabe who may be more than she appears.

Laura – Woodsman – A former high school science teacher, wandering the Loss with a bow and dog.

Nick – Toss-Up – Canadian demolitions expert caught on the wrong side of the fence but the right side of the nukes.

This episode of the 10K Lakes Campaign can be found here at the Technical Difficulties Gaming Podcast.

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