Episode 28: Delta Green Scenario Creation

We just recently received our copies of the new Delta Green Handler’s Guide and just had to talk about Delta Green.  Join Aaron, Patrick, and Adam as they discuss different ways to create a memorable night at the opera.

Warning: We discuss violence to children

Areas of Discussion:  Delta Green, Finding Inspiration in the Headlines, When Not To / A Bridge too Far

The following articles / videos were referenced in this podcast:

Be sure to swing by Arc Dream Publishing to order your hardback copy of Delta Green: Handler’s Guide today.

2 thoughts on “Episode 28: Delta Green Scenario Creation”

  1. Not sure if older comments will be checked or not, but figured what the hell. Just listened to this yesterday and while at the store I looked in a tabloid to see if something would jump out at me that would make a hell of a Delta Green game. And what do you know, page 2 or 3 something did jump out at me. Here’s the “Special Report” headline.

    “Godfather Gotti’s Brain Swiped!”

    All kinds of way’s that could go. And to make it even better I looked up the article itself. Apparently it was the FBI who stole it.

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