Actual Play -Red Markets 10K Lakes – Episode 10 – Great American Dog Race

Roads have broken down 5 years after the Crash, meaning the residents of the 10k have to find alternate modes of travel. The folks at Kennel have hired Freelance for a simple delivery job – get three sleds with attached sled dogs to their clients over at Castle Danger. Surely, this will be a milk run.

Adam L. – Misty –  A dangerously detached debutante wielding a spear (that’s only a spear).

Laura B. – Woodsman – A former high school science teacher, wandering the Loss with a bow and dog. Somehow not dead yet.

Patrick – Catfish – A misguided youth that found himself lured and abandoned in the Lost.

Ian – Vapor – No sacrifice is too great for this taker to achieve their goals – but they don’t want to lose their soul.

Sean B – Gurney – East Coast EMT caught on the wrong side of the Recession.

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