Actual Play: Red Markets 10k Lakes – Episode 8 – Their Billion Hands

Before the Crash, Thomas Naroth made a name for himself as the director of Their Billion Hands, a trilogy of zombie films that were wildly popular before actual zombies became a thing. No one has seen Thomas since the Crash, but a collector in the recession has reason to believe that the original film reels are stored somewhere in Naroth’s cabin in the Loss. In what should be a straightforward job, Freelance needs to travel to Naroth’s cabin to grab the reels, and loot his house for some more sell-able memorabilia. Will the maladjusted crew be able to pull off the job, or is their own makeup their undoing?

This game is based on the story “Undead” by Soren Narnia. Please check out the podcast “Knifepoint Horror” for more spooky stories

Aaron M. – Low End – The bass playing Taker.

Chris H. — 0perator — She’s totally not a Steward.

Adam T. –  Shears – Latent beautician tired of your mansplaining

Lonnie – Martin Luther – A Latent cultist with a big dream and a very small axe

Sid – Professor –  visiting academic going on a hunting trip with his son when the crash hit

Jared – Factotum – A man with two daughters and a supposed silver tongue

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