Actual Play : Delta Green – Lover In the Ice Pt 1

An apocolyptic ice storm has crippled Lafontaine, Missouri. The Agents must secure a forgotten storage facility packed with artifacts of past Delta Green operations. They soon confront a horror that gruesomely invades and mutilates its victims. What is preying on the citizens of Lafontaine besides the weather? Can the Agents overcome the threat with decisive action, or will they doom everyone in the horror’s path?

Korie – Alberto Rockshaw

Nick – Theodore Banning

Ben – Caleb Cartwright

Toni – Abend Rabe

Adam – A cruel and uncaring world

Panel: Kickstart Your RPG (GENCON 2017)

“This is “Kickstarter Your RPG” in which we talk about a lot of the front end nuances and planning required to successfully run a Kickstarter. It’s not that easy, I assure you. ” – Kyle

Kyle Carty (Roll/Play Studios)
Andreas Walters (Metal Weave Games)
Mike Myler (,
Ivan Van Norman (Geek & Sundry)

Special thanks to Kyle Carty for providing this recording.

Actual Play: Red Markets 10k Lakes – Episode 8 – Their Billion Hands

Before the Crash, Thomas Naroth made a name for himself as the director of Their Billion Hands, a trilogy of zombie films that were wildly popular before actual zombies became a thing. No one has seen Thomas since the Crash, but a collector in the recession has reason to believe that the original film reels are stored somewhere in Naroth’s cabin in the Loss. In what should be a straightforward job, Freelance needs to travel to Naroth’s cabin to grab the reels, and loot his house for some more sell-able memorabilia. Will the maladjusted crew be able to pull off the job, or is their own makeup their undoing?

This game is based on the story “Undead” by Soren Narnia. Please check out the podcast “Knifepoint Horror” for more spooky stories

Aaron M. – Low End – The bass playing Taker.

Chris H. — 0perator — She’s totally not a Steward.

Adam T. –  Shears – Latent beautician tired of your mansplaining

Lonnie – Martin Luther – A Latent cultist with a big dream and a very small axe

Sid – Professor –  visiting academic going on a hunting trip with his son when the crash hit

Jared – Factotum – A man with two daughters and a supposed silver tongue

Episode 21: Interview with Gobblin’ Creator Greg Predmore

Game designer and The Drunk and Ugly podcast member Greg Predmore swings by to discuss his new game Gobblin’, which is currently kickstarting on, well, Kickstarter.

Set in a post-apocalyptic Earth, the goblin race has been banished from their home dimension. Humans may or may not be present, but they’ve sure left a lot of great toys laying around the goblins to play with and/or destroy themselves with reckless abandon.


Actual plays of Gobblin’ can be found at Role Playing Public Radio (RPPR) and The Drunk and Ugly Podcast.


Check out Gobblin’ on Kickstarter today.


Also, check out Greg’s other podcast, Anime Daydreams.