Actual Play: Red Markets 10K Lakes – Episode 5 – Master of the Skies, Master of the Globe

The fifth episode of the 10K Lakes Campaign can be found here at the Technical Difficulties Gaming Podcast.


The Takers head West to salvage a crashed Boeing C-17.

The next episode will be released on October 11th, 2017 here on Technical Difficulties.


Aaron M. — Low End — The bass playing Taker.

Ethan — Taxey — A street tough hustler rapper with a new dependent on the way.

Greg — NRG — A hustling mechanic with crippling debt who knows a guy.

Laura — Woodsman — A former high school science teacher, wandering the Loss with a bow and dog. Somehow not dead yet.

Chris H. — Operator — She’s totally not a Steward.

Ray — Colt — Combat medic who can gun two ways.

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