Episode 31 – Role Playing Problematic Characters

Problematic Character Type

We all can’t be paladins. 
Stemming from a recent debate among RPX members over a potential Delta Green scenario, in episode we discuss playing problematic characters and/or character types. 
Areas of Discussion: Problematic characters, Game-specific problematic characters, Role playing difficulties, The role of genre on character.
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Vince recently had an article published on Aeon.  Be sure to stop by  and check out his article Gamified Life

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Actual Play – Red Markets 10K – Episode 19 – Save The Music

Members of Freelance set out to retrieve the lost master recordings of a post-punk noise group, The Incident.  But to do so, Freelance must first brave the elements and sneak into Canada to locate the downed chopper that carried the band and their recording.

Chris – Operator – She’s TOTALLY not a Steward, guys.

Sid –  Prof. Bjorn – Visiting academic going on a hunting trip with his son when the crash hit

Vince –  Bonez – Actual Doctor. Wannabe Cowboy. Full-time Taker.