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The Ten Thousand Lakes is a living Red Markets campaign.
Each session take place within the same game continuity, but each episode features a different GM and a rotating cast of players from The Roleplaying Exchange podcast, Technical Difficulties Gaming Podcast, and members of the Red Markets community.

Actual Play episodes will be distributed between the two podcasts, and the easiest way to listen is by subscribing to both The Roleplaying Exchange and Technical Difficulties. Up-to-date episode lists can also be found at and

*Preview* Red Markets – 10K Lakes – Enclave Generation

*The following post and podcast was originally posted on the Technical Difficulties Gaming Podcast.  Please subscribe to their feed as well to stay current with the 10K Lake campaign*


We’ve gotten together with The Roleplaying Exchange and [Insert Quest Here] to create a living campaign setting for Red Markets, set in the great state of Minnesota. Our upcoming actual plays will be divided amongst the three podcasts (and any others that join in) with a drop-in/drop-out play structure.

Episodes will be up in the next few weeks, but until then you can listen to us create a post-Crash Midwest. You can also join in on the discussion on the recently created LifeLines Forum.